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Debbie Mull: Portrait Project

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

November, 2019 I was honored to photograph Debbie Mull and her children. 2019 has been a very trying year for Debbie and her family, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her father was diagnosed with cancer just days after. Debbie shared these words with her friends after her diagnosis.

"THANK just doesn’t really convey my gratitude, but it’s what I have to offer. The calls, texts, cards, visits, meals, financial gifts, sweet heartfelt gifts, and prayers are overwhelming. As much as I usually try to do things on my own, I think I may finally be learning that I can’t and was not created to. Each of you are lightening our load and helping us to be able to focus more on the path to healing than on the burdens that tag along with a cancer diagnosis. This has been a tough season, beginning with hearing the words, in December, “Your biopsy is positive for breast cancer.” and then after surgery in January, “A lymph node was positive for cancer.” I want to try to be authentic in sharing this journey and I know there are difficult days ahead. However, I pray for God to give us eyes for the details in how He is working - I don’t want us to be so focused on the circumstance, that we miss Him within it (such as how He’s using you to go alongside us). PLEASE, PLEASE check yourself regularly and get a mammogram when you’re due. I had no symptoms- it was found only from my annual mammogram. Thank you again - you are helping me to find my brave and be ready to continue to fight this battle."

~Debbie Hughes Mull

Today Debbie is recovering free of cancer, while her Father is still battling a tough fight. Debbie says " Recovery isn't always about returning to the previous state, sometimes it's about becoming something completely different."

Debbie is my cousin and I am so thankful for her. She is such and inspiration to so many women, including myself.

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