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40 | O V E R | 40


I'm inviting 40 amazing women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and up, to join me on this Empowering Portrait Journey.

It’s time to celebrate your life and your story. 


This Portrait Experience is a celebration of the strength, diversity, beauty, and wisdom of women.  Together we will create beautiful images that tell your story and show what it means to be a woman over 40 in today’s world.


It’s time ladies...time to celebrate and embrace your age and your beauty.  The events of your past have shaped you into the woman that you are today and this is an important part of your legacy.  

How do you want to be remembered?  


  • To do something empowering for yourself.

  • To honor what makes you unique and beautiful.

  • To love the reflection looking back at you in the mirror.

  • To have complete body positivity by loving yourself.

  • To embrace every line, every scar, every freckle no matter your age.

  • To share your life and your story.

  • To acknowledge that self love, self awareness, and self confidence is not selfish.

  • To stand in your own power.

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 The 4 0 | O V E R | 4 0 booking fee is $600 +tax.

(includes a $200 print credit towards a portrait collection of your choice.)

Collections start at $1,650 +tax and include luxury matted prints with the corresponding digital file.  Wall art also available for purchase.


Each participant will receive a wonderful package which includes:

  • A fun photoshoot all about you!

  • Pre-consultation with me to discuss how you want to be photographed,  what outfits you would like to wear etc.

  • Your own personalized Photo Shoot.

  • Complimentary hair and makeup touch-ups on the day of your portrait session.

  • Professional Make-up.

  • Fully guided creative professional photoshoot that you will always remember.

  • A complete reveal and ordering session, where you can see all of your beautiful photographs, choose your 8x10 professionally print and matted image and have the opportunity to purchase more.

  • Select photos will be published on social media and the Portraits by Monica Belcher website.

MORE DETAILS...........

  • Non-Refundable deposit of $600 +tax must be paid when booking your session.

  • Must participate in Pre-Shoot Consultation either via phone, or video chat (FaceTime, Zoom etc.)

  • Must participate in Photo Shoot and Interview.

  • Must sign photo release for Exhibition & Marketing (Photographer and you will decide which photo(s) you are comfortable releasing, must release at least one photo. Photographer and you will decide what interview questions/answers you are comfortable releasing; must release 3 answers minimum).

  • Must participate in Photo Reveal Appointment to view final portraits via video, or in person.

  • Additional photos will be available for purchase, only one photo is provided complimentary; no additional purchase is required. You will have the opportunity to purchase more photos from your shoot, subject to studio pricelist at time of order.


- Show that beauty doesn’t diminish with age.

- Highlight your character, authenticity and spirit.

- Tell your story about what it means to be a woman in today’s world.

- Celebrate your beauty and appreciate every scar, every line and every grey (or purple!) hair.

- Whether you feel invisible, empowered or somewhere in between, know that You are Loved & Your Story is Important!

4 0 | O V E R | 4 0       Portrait Experience

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