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Honor Project

Veterans are all around us every day.

Many are strangers, neighbors, family, and friends.  

With more than 19 million Veterans in the United States today, every Veteran comes from different backgrounds, religions, race, sex, and age.  On a daily basis they go unnoticed in plain clothes, most not seeking attention.  

This project is designed to recognize and honor the brave men and women of our armed forces, those who sacrificed and fought for our freedoms.  

My mission is to photograph and honor as many Veterans as possible beginning in McMinn County and all surrounding counties, even expanding to other states if possible, during the upcoming year. 

If you are Veteran or active duty military, and  would like to participate in the Honor Portrait Project at no charge, please click this link.


Sgt. Peter Blassage

Cherry Valley, Illinois

USMC 1986-1992


Aviation Ordnance Marine

"The best memories I have about my service was the camaraderie.  You leave your family and create a new family that last forever."



Sgt. Michael Heath Belcher

USMC 1987- 1993


Avionics Arial Observer

Helicopter Door Gunner

"I enjoyed traveling over seas and many road trips with the guys that have become my life long friends."

Englewood, Tennessee


Cpl. Allen Troy Peevy

Quinton, Oklahoma

USMC 1986 -1991


Avionics Arial Observer

Helicopter Door Gunner

"The best memories I have are hanging out with my Marine Brothers and dehydrated pork patties!  Well, there was also that time at the Goat Hill Tavern......"


Quinton Peevy
USMC (Active)

qp3-Exposure web(1).jpg
go4-Exposureweb (1).jpg


Cpl. Gregory W. Oldakowski

Wadena, Minnesota

USMC 1988 -1993


Aviation Life Support Systems

"Everyday was a new memory with people coming into the shop for gear.  Was always funny when we sewed somebody's arms shut on their flight suit."

Fonda Hughes2.jpg
Chris Burris4.jpg

Sign Up/Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Thank you for your interest in participating in The Honor Portrait Project.  Please take a moment to fill out the form below.  Once we receive and review your information we will contact you by phone to  schedule your portrait time in the studio.  
(please note, if you are submitting this form for a veteran you know please indicate your name and phone number in the note field below.

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