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The Power Team is about helping to build confident and strong's about YOU!

Power Team, over 50 model program, is all about community, friendships, and building confidence! It is a unique model rep program because there are no lists of tasks, requirements, or quotas for The Power Team.  The Power Team is an experience for women over 50 that will elevate and empower their life , AND it's full of perks and benefits that only Power Team members receive!

The Process

Power Team is for the women over 50 who: 

  • KNOWS she wants her portraits taken by Monica Belcher

  • ENJOYS being in front of a camera and having fun portrait experiences.

  • LOVES socializing and building friendships with other women from meet ups, mini sessions or community events.

  • IS COMMITTED to helping out in the community, improving someone else's life, and enriching their own.

It will be an amazing experience that will make each woman feel beautiful, strong, and confident!

Financial Requirements

The financial requirement for a Power Team member is a $250 sign on fee, to be paid upon commitment to the team, along with a signed contract.
There is also a $175 minimum purchase requirement of beautiful photo products that will be chosen during the Reveal and Order session, which follows each portrait experience.
The biggest difference between a Power Team member and a regular client are the PERKS and OPPORTUNITIES! 

Natural Beauty

Perks and Opportunities

  • Opportunity to receive a BONUS mini session with a theme of your choice (family, BFF, or pet session, etc.).  This bonus session is earned by participating in a monthly payment plan which will be worth every penny!   

  • Opportunity to participate in all the mini photo sessions.  We've chosen a variety of session themes:  wild flowers, sunflowers, urban, studio,  patriotic mini, Mother's Day, holiday, boho theme, etc.  We will be partnering with local boutiques for some of the mini sessions.  

  • Opportunity to participate in events throughout the year, e.g., a massage experience, a "Power" event with guest speakers on a variety of topics, dinner for The Team.

  • Opportunities to participate in community service events throughout the year. 

  • Opportunity to earn cash through client referrals!

The commitment The Power Team members need to make to me is to commit Portraits by Monica Belcher as 2024 Portrait Photographer, and that they will not be photographed by another photographer during the time commitment of this program. 

Being on The Power Team is a commitment that comes with personal rewards and great perks!  


Please complete the form to apply for your spot on The Power Team.

Thanks for submitting!

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